We’ve always believed a man should be judged by the company he keeps. Astleys traces its origins to Jermyn Street in London’s St James precinct.


'For a postprandial smoke, Astley's, a specialist in pipes, is next door. The store was established in 1862, and if there be such a thing as a pipe museum this is it: an extraordinary collection of weird and antique smoking equipment of every conceivable shape and figuration.'

A Gentlemanly Stroll Down Jermyn Street

The New York Times



First constructed in 1664, Jermyn Street has, and continues to be, home to many of the United Kingdom’s most iconic luxury men’s brands, including Edward Bates Hats, Church’s Shoes, Charatan Pipes and fragrance merchants Penhaligon's. Italian silk merchant Cesare Salvucci once owned a shop on Jermyn Street, and rented the rooms upstairs to Theodore Rothschild.


The Duke of Marlborough lived nearby when he was simply Colonel John Churchill, and down the road Isaac Newton, as Warden of the Mint, set up rooms at No.88. It was on Jermyn Street in 1782 that John Keyse Sherwin painted Euphrasia.

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Jermyn Street has always attracted men of power and prestige; politicians and revolutionaries would assemble at The Gun Tavern, exiled French aristocrats at Grenier’s Hotel, and at Brunwick Hotel, Louis Napoleon took up residence under the assumed name of Count D'Arenberg after escaping from the Fortress of Ham.

Even Jermyn Street’s own scoundrel, highwayman William Plunkett, was as renowned for his charm and elegance as he was for his daring as an outlaw.


Today, Jermyn Street remains home to the world’s leading men’s lifestyle brands, preserving a tradition forged by the nobility of the 19th century and maintained today by London’s finest gentlemen.