10 Glasses You Need on Your Home-bar


Having the right glassware is an essential part of home entertaining

Cocktail kits and home mixology make it easy to sip your favourite libation without leaving the house. Whether your feme du jour’s hosting a dinner party, or you’ve arranged a boy’s night in, a well-stocked bar is essential for the modern man. But there’s more to it than just fancy tools – eventually, you’re going to need to pour that sucker into a glass and which glass you choose will define the experience. Be the host with the most and ensure it’s not only the right glass but one that accentuates the occasion.


The Highball 

This glass is a fundamental for any home bar, mainly because of it can be used for so many drinks. Use a Highball (they’re sometimes called Collins glasses) to serve everything from Bloody Marys, Mojitos, and Harvey Wallbangers to the glass’s namesake libation, the Highball, a combination of whisky and ginger ale that’s having a renaissance in Asia. The tall, skinny design makes a great presentation for any mixed drink; if you want something a little different, the highball glass from Nachtmann’s Next Gen Punk collection will spice up any cocktail with its studded pattern exterior.


The Nick & Nora Glass

For something that stands out, the Nick & Nora glass is making a true comeback. Made popular in a 1930s by film series starring husband-and-wife duo Nick and Nora Charles, played by William Powell and Myrna Loy, the deeper cousin of the coupe glass means less spillage and more conversation starters. Perfect for cocktails served up, from the Pisco Sour and the Grasshopper to the Daiquiri, Boulevardier, and Hanky Panky, a blend of gin, sweet vermouth and Fernet Branca. Try this sleek glass by Rona


The Shot Glass

No matter what your preferred tipple may be, there’s always one guest who will suggest shots. Replace the souvenir gift shop glasses hidden at the back of your cupboard with something a little classier. Choose from traditional stubby and round; short and square bottomed; or taller, more elegant shot glasses. Luxury crystal company ARTĚL has a wide range of striking, patterned shot glasses inspired by the 60s mod fashion movement.


The Cordial Glass

Used to serve an after dinner digestif or liqueur, this tiny taster is essentially a shot glass on a pedestal. Made for sipping, these stemmed glasses add a touch of elegance to any event. This glass can double up to serve port or sherry, and if you’re short on space, swap your shot glasses out and neck back your vodka in your cordial glasses instead. Villeroy & Boch offers a classic set of four crystal Purismo cordial goblets. 


The Cocktail Glass

Made famous by martini swillers like James Bond, the cocktail glass, also known as a martini glass, is a staple for anyone trying home mixology. This iconic glass is used in a host of classic and modern cocktails, from the Gimlet, Manhattan and Espresso Martinis, to Cosmopolitans, Lemon Drops and Japanese Slippers. Impress with Rogaska Crystal’s hand-blown pulled-stem glasses for an easy clean-cut cocktail at home.


The Rocks Glass

A rocks glass, also known as an Old Fashioned glass, is used for any spirit served straight (for sipping, not slamming) or on ice. These stout tumblers are also perfect for cocktails like Brambles, Negronis and Sazeracs, or even a Manhattan when served American style, on the rocks. If you’re a whisky drinker, a decanter set is essential, but if you’re looking for a glass set, buy six of the new Riedel Fire collection whisky glasses, designed by Georg Riedel himself.


The Coupe

A glass that’s made a real come back, the Coupe glass has an elegant, classic look that lends itself to everything from shaken cocktails to champagne. Try serving Sidecars, Aviations, and Gibsons in a coupe glass for a different take on the classic cocktail look. The Libbey Speakeasy Coupe Glass is a nice take on this timeless vessel.


The Flute

Not only do flutes scream celebration, but they can also be used in a wide range of champagne cocktails, from the Bellini and Mimosa to the French 75 and the Hat Trick. While it’s nice to have sturdy flutes to avoid spills and breakages, it’s also good to have a few special ones, like the Zalto Denk’Art Champagne Glass,  tucked away for special moments.


The Pitcher

If you’re entertaining the troops, a pitcher is a great addition to the home bar. Not only does it make serving easier, but there is an army of cocktails that call for something a little sturdy and sizable, from sangria and Pimms Cups to Gin Punch and Spiked Lemonade. It’s good to have a lid to help keep spillage to a minimum, while some pitchers, including this one from Bormioli, comes with a removable ice container and stirring rod.


The Julep Cup

If you want to take things to the next level, a Julep Cup, although not made from glass, is a great addition. Made of copper, silver, steel or even tin, these cups are designed to keep drinks colder longer. Try making Mint Juleps or Moscow Mules in a stylish julep cup like the Reed & Barton Oxford Mint Julep.


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