5 Essential Hip-flasks for Autumn


When it’s unacceptable to lug a hefty bottle of 12-year-old Chivas Regal around with you, every man should own a stylish hip flask to slip into his jacket pocket – purely for medicinal purposes you understand.

Now we’re not saying you need to be out drinking in public but there are often, in every modern gent’s life, moments in which a celebratory dram is desired, nay, required. Be prepared for good times with good mates with these sophisticated hip flasks for men who take their celebration with them.


Harris Tweed Hip Flask

Who better to design a hip flask than the tweed producers from the home of whisky itself? Harris Tweed’s synonymous hand-woven fabric wraps this stainless steel flask in a leather-trimmed coat. There are six colours to choose from, all with the Scottish brand’s official label stitched on the front.


Aspinal of London Double Leather Hip Flask

If you’re stuck between a single malt scotch and a blended malt whiskey, Aspinal of London’s Double Leather Hip Flask allows you to switch up your swigs in style. With two separate 3oz decanters in a classic black Italian leather case, you can keep two separate spirits close and compact, and even personalise each flask with an engraved initial on each screw lid.


Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

Resembling a porthole, this nautical-themed flask offers a quirky design crafted from polished stainless steel, with a glass window allowing discerning drinkers to check their spirit of choice in time for a top-up. A screw top keeps up to 4 ounces secure and leak-free whilst hidden in your pocket.


Best Made 10 oz. Flask

Realising most hip flasks hold about half the amount of whiskey needed during to keep a company of men warm and merry, Best Made created the 10 Ounce Flask, a hip flask that’s large in size and minimal in design. Sold with a wax and wool casing, this flask will look stylish and stay secure no matter where you travel.


Nikka From The Barrel Hip Flask Set

Japanese whisky brand Nikka has produced the popular Nikka From the Barrel since 1968. A fine vessel from which to drink a fine whisky from. the Nikka Hip Flask is styled on the blended whisky bottle itself. This sleek steel hip flask has the whisky label etched into the metal, acting as a reminder of what to fill it with.


Drink, StyleFred Kirby