5 Essential Portable Speakers


With the plethora of portable speakers now on the market, you need one that combines great design and versatility, with great sound and ample battery life, so the party never has to stop. Here are five of our favourites.

Summer is almost here and that means beaches, rooftop parties, impromptu BBQs, the whole nine yards. It’s good to come prepared – not everyone has a pad wired for sound. Eye-catching and cutting-edge, these Bluetooth speakers are easy to throw into a backpack or duffle to ensure your favourite sounds follow you through the season.


With a spherical design and telescopic mechanics that stretch out from the centre of the speaker, Luna by crazybaby delivers full-range, pure acoustics in all directions. With stylish, brushed aircraft-grade aluminium construction that’s both lightweight and durable, the Luna can sync with multiple phones, or with up to 32 of its siblings to create a surround sound system across multiple rooms. All you have to do is choose the colour of Luna’s LEDs and enjoy hi-fi music. From US$129


With electro-acoustic tuning, LSTN’s handcrafted Satellite Bluetooth Speaker, which comes in a classic zebra wood case, delivers full-range audio and balanced bass from a single driver. At three inches tall, this compact speaker supports 10 hours of playtime and quick Bluetooth connectivity, while including a built-in speakerphone for calls and a USB plug for direct connection and charging. US$99.99


Marrying high-quality stereo sound with a compact design, Braven’s lightweight BRV-1M portable speaker features a rugged case made with durable rubber, which contributes to its waterproof and shockproof capabilities. The speaker’s built-in mic and speakerphone allows for calls, while its mounting accessories enable attachment to walls. A 12-hours battery life that doubles as a portable power bank ensures this speaker will groove longer than you do. US$99.99


The waterproof UE Roll2 can float on water or be immersed in liquid up to one-metre (just in case it falls in the punch bowl), and supports pairing with two Bluetooth-enabled devices at a time. With a rechargeable battery providing up to nine hours of playtime, this speaker also has a handy canteen-shaped design that comes with a detachable strap, making it a perfect portable companion. US$99.99


Connect JBL Pulse 2 with up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices for a shared music experience; answer calls with the built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone; talk to Siri or Google Now; or enjoy a customised light show that follows the beats of your tracks. You can carry the Pulse 2 to a poolside party thanks to its splashproof durability, and ensure the party never stops thanks to a 10-hour battery life. US$199.95


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