5 Street Bikes that Suit Your Style


If you wish to get out from behind that desk and to hit the road, we just might have the urban steed you need.

Cycling has to be one of the best cardio workouts available to men outside a boxing ring. There’s something intoxicating about flying down a quiet parkway (or down a crowded street for that matter) at breakneck speed, legs burning, heart pumping, a grin across your face akin to Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver. These savvy cycles are just what you need to kick the year off with good intentions and even better habits.


The Jamis Quest Elite is a high-tech bike with an adjustable frame design that will fit all riders. At 9kg, the bike has an extended handlebar-rider distance, made possible with a longer wheelbase and relaxed head tube angle, making for a comfortable position for longer rides. Air-hardened steel prevents strength degradation of the tubes, while dropouts and seat collars are lost wax molded, resulting in a lighter yet stronger frame. US$1,749; www.jamisbikes.com


As happy on the track as it is on the street, the Marin Nicasio has a butted 4130 CrMo frame with a high tire clearance of up to 700x40mm, and disc brakes that provide better-controlled stopping. Well-suited for your ultimate daily commute or even off-road adventures, the Nicasio features Beyond Road geometry, which provides enhanced stability, no matter the weather or road surface. US$749; www.marinbikes.com


Fancy tackling a road race? The Pinarello Dogma F8 Disk, one of the brand’s three Dogma frames, has an upgraded braking system with hydraulic disk brakes, making coming to a halt easier than ever. The race-ready bike has a 12mm ThruAxle that provides stiffness and perfect wheel alignment for better handling, while its frame, with Flat Mount calipers as standard, complements its sleek and stylish design. US$5,750; www.pinarello.com


The lightweight Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Wythe, in raw or matte black, weighs only 11kg at size L, and features a durable 4130 CrMo steel frame and forks making it the ultimate urban ride. Available in freewheeled or fixed gear models, this low-profile bike features puncture-resistant tires with smooth riding wheels so you don’t get stuck with a flat in the wrong neighbourhood. US$500; www.brooklynbicycleco.com


Another Pinarello, designed to suit various cycling styles, the Pinarello Rokh provides high performance even during road races. Featuring tapered Onda Rokh forks, this cutting-edge street bike, available in three hand-painted colours and seven sizes, has great handling, while its carbon fiber frame helps to deliver a smooth and easy ride. US$3,850; www.pinarello.com


StyleFred Kirby