How to Pick a Fragrance


Wearing the right fragrance for the season and your skin type is fundamental

As humans, our senses are powerful, but nothing makes a lasting impact quite like smell. Just a hint of a familiar scent can trigger a tidal wave of memories and emotions. It’s a powerful tool that not enough men take advantage of. Yes, it’s important to look like a million bucks but it’s also important to smell the part too.

So, when it comes to choosing a signature fragrance what do you look for? How much should you spend? And what are the different types?

Your Skin Type

Have you ever bought a bottle of cologne and found yourself reapplying it every two hours? Two things can be happening here; one, the cologne may not be very concentrated and two, you might have dry skin.

To break down the first cause, every fragrance comes with a different level of concentration. The higher the concentration, the stronger the fragrance will be. Your skin’s pH balance and type also plays a role. When it comes to skin types it usually falls into two categories, dry or oily. Unlike dry skin, oily skin helps to absorb fragrance longer because of its natural moisture. On dry skin, the fragrance doesn’t have anything to cling on to and that’s why you have to apply more frequently. So, one way to improve your fragrance endurance is to moisturize first before applying your cologne.

Light or Heavy Scent

This all depends on the season, your pH level and the scent in question. Fragrances with citrus and floral notes are great to wear in summer and spring because of how light and refreshing they are. However, these same fragrances are low in concentration and are usually neutral to anyone’s pH level. This means anyone can wear these fragrances without having a reaction because of them.

Scents that have a wood or balsamic base are much more concentrated and are heavier, which means they will last longer but they won’t cooperate with everybody’s pH level. Finding the middle ground is a case trial and error. Keep in mind that our pH scale ranges from 1-14, and most of your citrus fragrances are going to fall around 7, which is neutral. I recommend staying in this range until you find out what your body can handle.


Test Drive

Now that you’re educated on how fragrances work, how about we actually put them to the test. I broke down three fragrances that I personally use to help you get started.

One fragrance that I can co-sign 100 percent is Yves Saint Laurent L’HOMME . I actually invested in a bottle last Summer and my wife hasn’t stopped sniffing my neck since. I really like this fragrance because of its longevity and how light it is – heavy colognes often make me feel sick and give me headaches. So, if you’re looking for something that gives a kick, this fragrance is the one to invest in. Just be aware when wearing this cologne hugs with the opposite sex may become more intimate and prolonged.

Picking the right cologne is almost like picking the right drink at a bar. Some people go for the dark stuff while others tend to go lighter and floral. Tom Ford Noir  is a fair balance of both. Fair warning, when you first apply this cologne it’s really strong, but after the scent settles it gives off a great light but lingering aroma. One thing I really like about Tom Ford Noir is that you really don’t have to go crazy applying this stuff for someone to take notice. Literally, one spray and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect scent that will get you noticed without trying to be.

Saving the best for last, here’s a fragrance that’s perfect for any season. A brand that has a strong history of creating great fragrances, Chanel continues that tradition with a fragrance for men. Bleu de Chanel has a light citrus aroma with a hint of cedar. Like the other two colognes I have mentioned before, this cologne will stick by your side all day. Geared towards warmer days, the citrus touch is perfect for summer.

One last tip, I recommend that once you find your signature fragrance don’t just wait for a special occasion to apply it on. Wear it as much as possible to get a feel for it. Just like a pair of new jeans, you have to break it in.


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