Your Education: Drivers


Originally designed to give grip when driving, leather or suede driving shoes are an essential item in your wardrobe for the long lingering summer ahead. Here is a short guide to choosing and matching these seasonal essentials with your chosen look.

What’s in a Colour

To choose the right pair of drivers for you, start with the colour. If you prefer a plain, dark-hued pair, pick one without stitching so that the colour pattern isn’t broken and distracting. If you choose to get a pair in a more vibrant eye-catching colour (Hudson Shoes has some great shades for example), you might want to keep to jewel colours, on which the adornment adds contrast.

Go for Comfort

For more comfort on your feet, opt for drivers with rubber-grommet soles (Tod’s has some great varieties) so your feet don’t feel like they’re pounding the pavement through paper-thin slippers.

Sleek & Sockless

Don’t even think about matching drivers with socks – they don’t really work that way. Most drivers (like those from Wolf & Shepherd) are designed to be worn au naturel; simply slip your feet in and you’re ready to flaunt your man of leisure look. If you really need to add socks (for your sweaty feet), opt for the invisible ankle style.

Keep it Casual

Drivers are made to match with a casual vibe; it’s okay to put on jeans or chinos that are slightly shorter than usual, and ideally without breaks. If you’re not sure if your trousers are too long, simply turn up the hems.

If you Must

While traditional designed as a leisure shoe, simple and elegant leather or suede drivers can be matched with a casual suit but stay away from those funky flavours and choose the occasion carefully, you don’t want to look like all you have at home is shoes worn by Italian gigolos.


StyleFred Kirby