Five Pieces You'll Wear for Life


So, you're looking to build a solid wardrobe that you can admire and still wear for years to come? The answer is simple – stick with the classics. By Tony Logan

When you decide that it’s time to build your own ‘look’, it can be difficult to judge what pieces you should invest in, especially if you’re basing that look off the latest fad or trend. To save you years of regret and money, we break down five pieces that will never go out of style – at least anytime soon.

The Trench Coat

When it comes to outerwear, each piece is designed with a specific purpose and function in mind. However, no coat is as versatile as the iconic trench coat. It’s a coat that’s durable, lightweight and looks dapper as hell. It’s the James Bond of coats! As deep-rooted as the trench coat is, the design and function hasn’t changed much over the years, speaking to the timeless design. If you’re at the stage of your life where you’re looking to retire your beat-up varsity jacket in exchange for a coat that will earn you a few head nods and smiles, look no further.


How to Wear It

In a formal setting, a suit worn with a trench coat is a no-brainer, especially in rainy weather because of the water-resistant fabric. For a typical guy’s night out, you can simply throw on a crewneck sweatshirt or hoodie with dark denim and sneakers to keep a level of sophistication to your fit without compromising your style.

Navy Blazer.jpg


Navy Blazer

In today’s work climate, everything is changing. Most companies are moving from the traditional suit and tie dress code towards more work casual work place. I know, I know… just another thing to blame millennials for. The one piece to help you bridge both worlds is the navy blazer. Just for clarification, a blazer and suit jacket may look the same but are in fact two different jackets. Blazers are generally constructed from cotton and technical fabrics, while suits jackets are made from finer wools and should never be worn with jeans.


How to Wear It

Blazers are vital because of the amount of creative freedom you have with them. To get the most use from a navy blazer, I recommend keeping the colors and patterns minimal and neutral, so you can mix your look depending on the event. Even though blazers are more casual and are dress down, it doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a professional look for the office or for a meeting. A gray cashmere sweater under a striped oxford with a pair of olive chinos and black derby dress shoes is perfectly acceptable for business. For a casual look, you can pair a blazer with a solid t-shirt or polo with a pair of jeans and loafers for a college prep look. 

White Sneakers.jpg


All White Sneaker

Wearing white after Labor Day may still be considered a sin to some but with sneakers, there are no rules. While the sneaker hype is running at an all-time high, ask yourself how many of those sneakers you will actually want to wear years from now, or even months from now. By investing in the classics you avoid the rat race and the headaches of the resale market altogether. When you’re looking for a classic shoe you need a shoe that’s diverse and that will age gracefully. It doesn’t need the extra bells and whistles or bold or loud colors but instead something that will look good every time you step out in them and plays with your wardrobe. The white low top sneaker covers all of those categories and more. 


How to Wear It

Minimal low top sneakers are the new dress shoes. If you’re tired of the aches of wearing your wingtips to work every day but are not exactly ready to bring out your high-top basketball sneakers. go with white low tops. A blazer with a button up, fitted jeans that stop right at the ankle, and a low top sneaker is the look to go for. For a casual setting, a white, low top sneaker paired with a jean jacket, t-shirt and jeans will always work. The only caveat is to always make sure that your sneakers are clean. Sneakers with grass stains just don’t have that professional charm when worn at the office. 



Metal Gear

I think we are officially living in a world where everyday devices are getting smarter! Smart phones, smart cars, smart water – you name it, it’s getting smarter. No matter how advanced technology gets, every guy still needs a simple, elegant analog watch in rotation. Wearing an analog watch let’s people know two things: One, you value your time and two, you still enjoy the simple beauty of a timepiece. No disrespect to smartwatches that allow you to keep track of your steps or Twitter followers, but there’s a reason why a yellow gold or stainless-steel Rolex, or the like, still commands the upper thousands price range. 

Oxford Shirt.jpg


The Oxford

When we talk about timeless shirts, the Oxford is at the top of the list. It’s a shirt that has been passed down from generation to generation and yet still manages to be cool and hip. I mean, Miles Davis wore one on his “Milestone” album cover, how cooler does it get? The reason why the Oxford remains a menswear staple is the shirt’s versatility. It’s a shirt that won’t make you feel over or underdressed in any situation.


How to Wear It

Even though the Oxford is technically a casual shirt, it looks just as good dressed up than down. For a formal fit, layer the oxford with a V-neck sweater or a skinny wool tie under a tweed jacket for an Ivy league appearance. For casual wear, depending on the season, you can wear it with chinos or cargo shorts with low-top sneakers. If you’re looking to start your Oxford collection, I recommend starting with a white, baby blue and yellow shirt. Between those three, you’ll be able to mix and match countless outfits.


Behind every prestigious wardrobe is a collection of timeless pieces assembled together. Start creating your style legacy today.


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