What Your Tie Knot Says About You


It may seem a trivial matter, but when you choose a knot for your tie, you’re sending a message out to the universe, says Tony Logan.

Choosing a suit for the occasion is pretty simple. Black suits for formal events, navy for formal and casual and tan for when you’re hitting the tropics or the weekend. However,what about choosing a tie knot? That’s when things get tricky because many assume that a knot is just a knot, butthat couldn’t be further from the truth. Each tie knot has its ownpersonality and style. Here’s what each knot says about you.


The Four-in-Hand 

If there wasever an entry level to the tie knot, the four-in-hand would be it. The four-in-hand knot is the knot that every father teaches his son (or at least used to) by the time he was in elementary school, which is why the four-hand is also called the “Schoolboy knot.” The advantage of using a four-in-hand knot is that it’s compatible with most collar types and takes little time or effort to assemble, which is why it’s so popular. 


What does this knot say about you?

The four-in-hand doesn’t have much excitement but instead gives off a laid-back demeanour. This knot says, “I’m a guy who sticks with the norm and likes to color within the lines.” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re looking to grab the attention of that beauty from accounting, this tie isn’t the one to lead with. However, it’s an excellent choice to wear if you get lucky enough to meet her parents.

Four in Hand.jpg

The Full Windsor 

If you look back through the ages to the men that werein power, the captain of industry and such, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d see these men wearing a Full Windsor knot. The Full Windsor is the ultimate power knot, one that conveys confidence and means big business. The large symmetrical shape works best with wide-collar dress shirts because of the large knot. While anybody can pull off the Full Windsor, it looks especially goodon men with wider necks and broaderfaces. 


What does this knot say about you? 

Even if you’re not currently making six figures,the right suit with the Full Windsor knot might beg to differ. This knot says I’m a guy who wants the world and everything in it a la Tony Montana from Scarface. Just try not to turn into a crime boss.

Full Windsor.jpg

The Murrell 

If you take the simplicity of a Four-in-Hand and mix in the confidence of a Full Windsor, you’ll end up with the Murrell Knot. This knot stands out because of the layering, which creates a unique aesthetic. The smaller tie layer (that’s normally reservedfor the back) is moved to the front to lie on the top of the largerpart of the tie. The Murrell knot not only looks good with a suit but also with a vest or cardigan sweater.Ifyou’re looking to stand out from the crowd with this knot,I recommend wearing ties with patterns and prints to enhance the look.


What does this knot say about you?

The Murrell knot says, “I’m in full control of my style.” It’s one thing to have a sports car andit’s another thing to know how to drive it. So, if you’re not confident that you can pull this off, I recommend finding another option. This knot is reservedfor the office rebels who want to look as tight as a tiger.

The Murrell.jpg

The Eldredge 

Art comes in many forms. There’sVincent Van Gogh famous Starry Night,and Michael Angelo’s mural on the roof of the Sistine Chapel,and then there’s the Eldredge knot by Jeff Eldredge. It’s a knot with complexity and sophistication all tied in one. Created in 2007, The Eldredge is still relativelynew compared to the classics but it’s a knot we shouldn’t ignore. The multilayer bind consists of four diagonal and horizontal bands that all layer together to resembles a braided knot. Unlike the previous knots mentioned, this one maytake a few failed attempts before you master it.


What does this knot say about you?

The Eldredge knot says you’re a man that values details and is not afraid to shy away from a challenge. With all the clip on and pre-tied options on the market,you decide to choose this knot and put in the work yourself. If you come across anybody that’s not impressed by the craftsmanship of The Eldredge you have permission to label them a hater.

The Eldredge.jpg

Now, that you know what each tie knot says about you,it’s time to give the people something to talk about! Remember always to choose the right collarto pair with the knot. Some knots only work with specific collar types while others may have more freedom. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different knot options. Use this opportunity to change things up by adding a different knot to your look so you won’t be tied to just one.


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