Weed on Demand


Hotel G, San Francisco is capitalising on the legalisation of cannabis in California with an all-new partnership that will deliver products right to the hotel’s guest rooms. 


Hotels have been quick to pick up on the changing expectations of guests, especially when those hotels are located in ever-increasing number of US states where recreational adult cannabis use is legal. The new Hotel G collaboration with ONA.life, a family-owned cannabis concierge service, will source products from licensed vendors across Northern California and whisk them to guests staying at the chic boutique urban hideaway. 

A carefully curated menu developed by ONA.life and Hotel G features a wide selection of products covering “Smoking and Vaping,” “Edibles,” “Dinkables,” “Topicals” and “Intimate,” so there’s a product for every need, whether you’re after sour watermelon sativa gummies, Garden Society pre-rolls, or Kikoko tea. 

For a wider range of options, guests will also be able to order from the full selection of ONA.life’s offerings. Orders can be placed by phone, text, or online. Delivery is available between 2pm and 10pm, and guests will be able to monitor their order’s progress through a link sent by text.

The cannabis delivery service at Hotel G, San Francisco is part of a larger scheme of cannabis-focused activities the hotel is rolling out. This summer, ONA.life will also host a series of pop-up events at the property to allow guests the chance to try ‘unmedicated’ products and meet some of the vendors directly.

“Ever since cannabis was legalised in California last year, guests have been inquiring about visiting the local dispensaries,” says Hotel G General Manager Steve Rizzo. “Hotel G is responding to that demand through our partnership with ONA which provides premium local products with a lot more convenience. Of course, guests should always err on the side of caution if they are new to the effects of cannabis.”


DrinkFred Kirby